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DonDavid & Rebecca 


Lead Pastor & First Lady

DonDavid and his wife Rebecca have a heart for souls and a passion for evangelism. Having been in ministry together for over 30 years, they currently serve as Lead Pastor and First Lady at First Pentecostal. Their vision is for Onslow county to have a thriving, multigenerational, and multicultural church. Their desire is to create a safe place where people can be renewed, strengthened, and restored in their walk with God.

DonDavid has expertise in understanding cultural diversity from being raised on the mission field in Asia for 16 years, teaching and preaching with the AIM program, and developing local church multicultural congregations. Having obtained his Bachelor’s Degree of Theology in 1990 at Northeast Christian College in New Brunswick, Canada, DonDavid continued to advance his education with his most recent studies at Rutgers University in Behavioral Science.
Rebecca is a Registered Dental Hygienist and has a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies. In addition to serving as the First Lady, Rebecca is also the Minister of Music at First Pentecostal. Their family include Baylan and his wife Alaska, Ethan, and Nevan who also serve in ministry and are an integral part of First Pentecostal’s ministry team.

Don & Saundra

Hanscom, Sr


Graduate of Pentecostal Bible Institute 1962 – 1965
Assistant Pastor Kings Highway Tabernacle Terre Haute IN 1965-1968
Pastored in Maynard, Ontario, Canada 1968 – 1972
Missionaries to Pakistan 1973 – 1990, Serving as General Superintendent and President of New Life Training Center
Missionaries to Sri Lanka 1978, Served as General Superintendent
Resided in Hong Kong 1988 – 1990
Pastored in Kingston, Ontario, Canada 1990 – 1996
1992 elected as Canadian Executive Presbyter for UPCI
Served on Executive Board 2 years
General Secretary General Home Missions Division 2004-2005
Holds a degree from Moody Bible College and a Masters Degree from the Twin Cities University

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